The Best Smartphone to buy Under 30K in India:

When someone asks for the best phone under 30000 INR , I reply to them that the choices they have are very limited but those choices are very confusing to choose the ultimate winner from.

Have a look at this small list with some of my personal pics and why would I pick them if I had the option. In the end, you should factor in your budget and all the things that you expect from your smartphone as you have to compromise on a factor or two to get the best phone under 30000 as the term budget is sliding up and up as the day passes.

1. 👑 IQOO 7

best phone under 30000

This surely is one of the best smartphone just a little over 30k but if you club some offers you can surely get it for around 28k.

This phone packs one of the best processors which is the Snapdragon 870 and you will not have any complaints in any department using this phone.

This phone also has the best camera as compared to its competitors under a budget of 35k.

Why IQOO 7 is the best phone under 30000 /-INR?

ProcessorSnapdragon 870
Storage128 GB
Front Camera16MP
Primary Rear CameraSony IMX598 48MP OIS
Display120Hz AMOLED 6.62 inch
Battery4400mAh @ 66W FlashCharge

The answer is simple, it’s got almost everything similar to the Mi 11x and it also performs better than the Mi 11x on long-term gaming i.e it do not throttle like the Mi 11x does after few hours of Gaming.

The IQOO’s got an amazing 120Hz AMOLED Display like just like the Mi 11x which are identical. The only major factor for me to go with the IQOO is the Camera. And believe me, the Camera difference is like DAY AND NIGHT. Xiaomi just cheaped out on the camera and using a 2-year-old Sony Sensor which Produces average pictures as compared to the IQOO. Hence making the IQOO 7 the best phone under 30000.

2. Mi 11X

61jlkop e S. AC SL1500 tech-trekkers

Now in case, you like to root and install custom ROMs on your device and want that IR Blaster to accompany your little adventure then the Mi 11X is the perfect choice for you.

It is also powered by the same Snapdragon 870 chipset with blazing fast LPDDR 5 RAM for those intense performance moments!

The only problem with this device is the camera which is mediocre at it’s best

Like I mentioned above the Mi 11x compares equally to the IQOO 7 at least on paper in terms of hardware still the Camera is so bad that I cannot recommend it to anyone unless you are looking for the best phone under 30000 that offers the functionality to unlock bootloader and sideloading custom ROMs as I personally am a huge fan of Custom ROMs

ProcessorSnapdragon 870
Storage128 GB
Front Camera20MP
Primary Rear CameraSony IMX582 48MP
Display120Hz AMOLED 6.67 inch
Battery4520mAh @ 33W

3. Pixel 4a

7199N Uz2AL. AC SL1500 tech-trekkers

I am not saying this is the best value-for-money smartphone. But it is something. If you want a small aka a compact phone with a descent (overpriced) hardware with STOCK android experience with an amazing camera then this sure is the right way to head!

ProcessorSnapdragon 730
Storage128 GB
Front Camera8MP
Primary Rear Camera12.2MP
Display120Hz AMOLED 6.67 inch
Battery3140mAh @ 18W

I can safely say if you are in the market for a small and compact phone with an AMAZING camera and an awesome software experience then the Pixel 4a despite being old and having a little outdated hardware will make the best phone under 30000/- for you.

Last Updated- May, 2021

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