The Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 2000 in India 2021

To find the best Bluetooth speaker under 2000 is a very confusing task as the prices fluctuate all the time and you have just too many different options to choose from.

But don’t worry we got it covered for ya. If you have a flexible budget or your budget is not yet fixed-do check out our different top Speaker Lists under different budgets here.

best bluetooth speaker under 2000

I personally own this speaker and during sales you can get it for much cheaper than the 2000 mark.

You can also check out the detailed review which I have posted on this site which will give you my perspective on this speaker.

Why iBall Musi Rock is the Best Speaker Under 2000 /- ?

Output16 Watt
Battery CapacityUndisclosed
Range10 m
Playback Time15 Hours

The specifications for this speaker are far superior to any of the competitors available out there in a price point of 2000 Indian Rupees.

The only downside to that I personally find with this speaker is the size and weight. It is really bulky and might be a hinderance for some

So I can safely say this is the best bluetooth speaker under 2000 /- that you can currently purchase.

Do check out the detailed review to gather more insights about this speaker.

816YiPaiKNL. SL1500 tech-trekkers

If you want a speaker to go on for hours without compromising on the battery life. Then this is your guy!

The speaker is loud and will definitely fulfill your music needs as well as run for more than 15 hours in a single go. 

Output14 Watt
Battery CapacityUndisclosed
Range10 m
Playback Time20 Hours

No doubt, this speaker is definitely too bulky . But that bulkiness has some of the perks like the mobile holder on top of the speaker is really awesome.

Bigger size results in good Bass in music, so if you are into bass then you can go with this puppy without any second thoughts.

It’s got a rugged design as well. And this might be the best Bluetooth speaker under 2000 for you

81QmRXKHWEL. SL1500 tech-trekkers

If you are looking for something portable which is under your budget without compromising on the sound quality then the Harman Fuze 100 is your go to guy! 

Infinity by Harman is like a JBL spinoff so you can expect that JBL build and sound quality.


Output4.5 Watt
Battery Capacity750 mAh
Range10 m
Playback Time9 Hours

If you are looking for a travel speaker. Or just a small speaker that is much louder than your mobile or laptop speaker but not too loud then this is going to suit your needs.

This speaker has got a IPX 7 rating and is water resistant to a great extent. And you can expect the same sound engineering that you can find in any of the JBL audio product. Infinity is just JBL without that expensive price tag.


712Ta39C3fL. SL1100 tech-trekkers

Now if you didn’t liked the Infinity speaker and want something sounding more loud then you can take a look at the Portronics SoundDrum POR-871.

This is a small speaker whole ends reminds us of the bass radiators originally found on the JBL’s flip and charge series.

Output10 Watt
Battery Capacity1800 mAh
Range10 m
Playback Time7 Hours

The major upside of this speaker is that it produces sounds in 360 degrees and not only forward like the rest of the speakers we compared.

The connective is better on this speaker than the others as this supports music playback via a pendrive too which the others lack.

Although the speaker looks tiny it’s surely a bit heavy on the hand.

This surely is the best Bluetooth speaker under 2000 if I am in the market for a mini speaker.

Last Updated- May, 2021

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