The Best Laptop Under 60000 Rs to buy in India:

To find the best laptop under 60000 is a very confusing task as the prices fluctuate all the time and you have just too many different options to choose from.

But don’t worry we got it covered for ya. If you have a flexible budget or your budget is not yet fixed-do check out our different top Laptop Lists here.

418WSiz8uzL tech-trekkers

Just have a look at the specification to pricing ratio. this is surely the best laptop under 60000 as you are getting 1650Ti graphics paired with a Ryzen 5 3550H. The perfect laptop whether you wanna game, edit photos and videos, or just decided to do some Microsoft Word. Your every need will be fulfilled by this Beast!

Why Acer Aspire 7 is the best laptop under 60000 /-INR?

ProcessorRyzen 5 – 3550H
Screen60Hz 15.6 Inch
Graphics4GB- 1650Ti
Battery45 Watt-hour
Weight2 KG

The specifications for this laptop are far superior to any of the competitors available out there. You just cannot find the 1605ti’s under 60k. 

The only downside to that I personally find with this laptop is the display, with the 1650ti you only get a 60Hz laptop but again the competitors also pack a 60Hz laptop.

So I can safely say this is the best laptop under 60000 with 1650ti aka the best gaming laptop under 60000 aka the best editing laptop under 60000.

A further RAM upgrade down the line will just make your experience extra smooth.

best business laptop under 60000

This is the best business laptop under 60000 /- 

I personally got this laptop because of it’s weight and size and I have to say this laptop is pretty slick!

The lack of a dedicated graphics card at a price point of 60000 might be a bummer for some but if you are getting a laptop for your work where you have to display it for presentations or just want it to look Professional then this is your man.


Processorintel 5 – 1135G7
Screen60Hz 15.6 Inch
GraphicsXe Graphics
Battery53 Watt-hour
Weight1.744 KG

The camera on this puppy is one of the best you can get on a laptop out there.

This laptop comes with intel’s latest i5 processor which also packs the iris graphics which is not at all bad being integrated graphics for playing very light games or for the day-to-day normal media consumption.

The display on this laptop is extraordinary for media consumption or just reading stuff.

Although the dell software we get pre-installed are just too much.The first thing that i did after booting up this laptop was to uninstall all the pre-installed useless dell laptops

Best Thin and Light- ASUS VivoBook 14

61wL4Fa5gFL. SL1500 tech-trekkers

If you were looking for the best laptop under 60000 which is also thin and light and is also small without compromising a bit on the performance to price then this is your best bet.

And it also has a Fingerprint Scanner.

ProcessorRyzen 5 – 4550H
Screen60Hz 14 Inch
GraphicsRadeon R3
Battery42 Watt-hour
Weight1.4 KG

This laptop is :

  • Small
  • Sleek
  • Light Weight
  • Ryzen 5 4500U offers amazing performance with low power consumption
  • available in multiple colors


This is an amazing laptop if you are into a small form factor laptop which I am not, but I know many people who love a small Laptop and some gals out there who love a Small Lil Cute Pink Laptop, and yeah this is it!

Last Updated- May, 2021

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