The Best Phone to buy Under 10000 in India:

The 10000 /- INR is considered as the very budget smartphone segment. The things considered to buy a phone under this price segment is that you should expect a very average performance and these are not built for long-term use.

I looked at quite many phones and I got to the conclusion that increasing your budget by 10000 can get you a lot better phone. Although the title says 10000 we will be taking an extra K as a margin and on sale you can actually get them for 10k

1. 👑 POCO M3

Why the POCO M3 is the best phone under 10000 /-INR?

best phone under 10000

Triple camera setup at 11k and with the best Snapdragon processor 662 which you can find in a phone under 11000 is present on this device with 6 GB of ram making it a clear winner amongst the given price as this phone has got a 1080p Display which it’s competitors lack making it the best phone under 10000 + 1000.

ProcessorSnapdragon 667
Storage64 GB
Front Camera8MP
Primary Rear Camera48MP
Display1080p 60HZ LCD 6.53 inch
Battery6000mAh @ 18W

2. SAMSUNG Galaxy F12

samsung galaxy f12 1 tech-trekkers

I am not really a Samsung Fan in Budget Segment. But I have to say the Samsung Galaxy F12 has got an Amazing Camera under this budget with a decent Processor on board accompanied by 4 Gigs of Ram and a 90 Hz display. But it’s just a mere 720p Display so take note of that!

I can say this for sure, this is the best Samsung phone under 100000 to get your hands on!

ProcessorExynos 850
Storage64 GB
Front Camera8MP
Primary Rear Camera48MP
Display90 Hz IPS LCD 6.5 inch
Battery6000mAh @ 15W

Last Updated- May, 2021

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