When Cheapest Hosting Is A Bad Idea And When It’s Not

It’s sometimes not feasible to buy the most expensive hosting available, but that does not mean you should go for the cheapest one. There are many options in the middle and whether you have just started out or you are a long-term player.

And I will try to make my point about why the cheapest hosting is worse, and you should stay far away from it. And when is the best time to hop for the cheapest one?

When Not To:

1. For Business Purpose-

If you are serious about your business, whether you are earning descent or not, in this century, a website speaks a thousand words. Whether your website will be a static front like for contact or informative purpose or just a small e-commerce website with low traffic you can’t afford to lose a single viewer at any time because that viewer might become a possible customer in the future. And you don’t want any cra**y hosting provider to clog up the server and in turn, leave your viewer with an error message  

2. High Traffic Blogs-

What exactly high traffic means here? if you at any point of time have more than 1000 organic or real visitors simultaneously then I consider that website to be a high traffic website and the cheap hosting providers does not allocate you that kind of resources to tolerate that and in turn giving every single one of the visitor a bad experience.

3. Storage Space-

If you plan to create a website that will use a lot of images and videos then a cheap hosting might bottleneck you. Cheap hosting has really low storage space which is just not acceptable at times because the cheapest which I saw provided 100mb of space, and the WordPress itself takes approx 80MB after installation, which would not be possible with the cheapest ones


If you plan on creating your website via WordPress the cheapest hosting may again bottleneck your performance because not all cheap hostings are WordPress optimize and require a good amount of resources. So think twice before buying cheap hosting if you are gonna install WordPress on it.

When To:

1. Sharing Contact Info. –

Many of the folks out there keep a website so that they can reach an audience and share their address and contact info without maintenance, like a one or two-page static front website and nothing fancy, Then you can consider going for a cheap hosting.

2. Resume-

Well, a resume website does not require anything fancy just some basic stuff, and yeah cheap hosting can do a perfectly fine job of holding your resume on the internet because generally a resume website are not indexed on the search engine and drive a low traffic. So investing much in a resume website is not really worth it and rest it depends upon you.

3. School/College Projects-

Sometimes in our life, there are moments when for some school purpose you have to design a simple website or just a SQL query program and I personally suggest you not invest much on it because the more you invest the more you will regret it in the future so fine the cheapest hosting for that stuff and get it over with.


Whatever you are planning to do with your hosting think, think is it worth investing time in that project, and will you really invest time in that project. If your answer is YES then you don’t need a pros and cons list get the hosting stuff over it and buy a good hosting, not the most expensive one nor the cheapest one.

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