Lg G8X Questions Answered | Flipkart Sale

Was This A Fake Sale?

I can say for sure that this sale was not fake. I live-streamed till 3 in the morning and at least 500 of my Viewers purchased this phone and informed me. The phone was available again at 8 AM and I too confirmed that.

And I was too able to purchase it at 00:00,16th October ,2020.

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Lg G8X Questions Answered | Flipkart Sale

Is this open Box / Refurbished?

As this product did not include the Powerbrick but previously it was being sold with one. So many of you asked whether they opened the box to remove it or is this product refurbished?

This is not a Refurbished Product neither is this Open box. They used different packaging altogether.

What’s In the BOX?

Everything other than The Power Brick(Power Adapter).

In Detail Content:

  • Phone (ofcourse)
  • 2nd Screen
  • Pogo Connecter:
  • Earophones
  • Type C Cable
  • User Guide+Warranty Card
  • Sim Card Ejector ToolPogo Connecter
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Lg G8X Questions Answered | Flipkart Sale

Best Charging Adapter / Power Brick?

This Device Supports 21 Watts of Maximum Power Input. It supports Qualcomm 4.0.

But in India, there are little to no QC 4.0 Certified power adapters, and if there are some, then they are of really low quality (At least for now in India)

So your best bet would be to go for a QC 3.0 compatible Adapter.

27 Watt Xiaomi Adapter ( High wattage won’t harm your device, your device is intelligent enough to know how much power it should draw for charging its battery safely)

18 Watt Xiaomi Adapter ( It won’t be the fastest but still not slower than a normal charger)

10 Watt Xiaomi Adapter (Slowest among the list but will charge your device safely)

What About Official LG Charger?

A- They currently do not sell on any of the online stores and on contacting their service center, they told it would be made available for approx 600 INR, but I doubt the wattage of the adapter will be 21 Watts because their original adapter, which shipped with early models was 16 Watts.

Can I use My Old Power Adapter

If Your Power Brick Supports either :

  • Qualcomm Quick Charge 
  • Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0
  • Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 
  • Qualcomm Quick Charge 4.0


Your power adapter is rated for 5V, 2A

( Don’t ask me whether Vooc, dash, or any other brick will support it, as long as it has Qualcomm quick charge support, its good to go)

Tempered Glass and Cases for LG G8X?

If you are planning to Use the Dual screen setup, then tempered glass will be a bad idea; most probably, the case won’t close properly after Tempered glass.

Although if you plan on using it on a single screen


You can check these Accessories out:

Tempered Glass ,   Case 1,   Case 2 (Click on em to go to Amazon product pages)

Why Such a Low Price?

Not an official Response BUT

According to me, LG is doing a marketing stunt for their upcoming Lineup Of Velvet phone, which will be similar to LG G8x but will price higher and will also contain a dual display setup.

This sale is for real.

Watch the Livestream, which I did here.

Which Wireless Charger Is Good?

Lg G8X has 9 Watt Wireless Charging Input, Which is, of course, slower than a traditional Wired Charging.

But if you still want to purchase a good wireless charger for your device, then you can go for this one by Anker.

It is a 10 Watt charger that will support your LG device and has some fantastic reviews on Amazon.

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