Different Sensors

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You must have noticed that many devices have the same camera sensor, for example, IMX 363 by Samsung. But when you compare the images from the two phones, you might see there is a significant difference between the two images. WHY THE DIFFERENCE? There are literally many factors to be considered, and it changes from […]

Lg G8X Questions Answered | Flipkart Sale

Was This A Fake Sale? I can say for sure that this sale was not fake. I live-streamed till 3 in the morning and at least 500 of my Viewers purchased this phone and informed me. The phone was available again at 8 AM and I too confirmed that. And I was too able to […]


THE TIER 1 HOSTING So these are the main root cause of your hosting. Tier 1 companies lay all the groundwork for the computers and connectivity and, indeed set up the servers. Tier 1 deals in masses and not for individual hosting. Hence giving it the best performance. They generally sell to resellers or big […]


WHAT, BASICALLY, ARE TORRENTS? For starters, torrents are like the address of a house over the internet, and different parts of the house are combined from different houses to build our own house. Torrenting works on a peer-to-peer connection, If I have a file on my computer, it will upload for another user who is […]


WHAT IS BITCOIN? If you don’t know what bitcoins are, then you probably must be living under a rock but hey! No harm feelings.Bitcoin is a decentralized currency that can be traded by anyone without any restrictions, or its concept told us so.It works on the process of peer-to-peer transactions leaving no intermediates for that […]


THE BASICS If you don’t already know that Bitcoins Sucks then have a look here. And Monero is here to fill the gap where Bitcoins doesn’t excel. There are many wallet providers that support Monero. But we will be talking about a specific wallet because, in my personal experience, I found it to be the best(Of […]


WHAT IS A BIN? For starters, BIN is an abbreviation for Bank Identification Number. So basically it is the first 4 to 6 digits of a card and generally defines your card whether it is a Visa, MasterCard or American Express, and so on. A bank may have many bins assigned to it, and bins […]

When Cheapest Hosting Is A Bad Idea And When It’s Not

It’s sometimes not feasible to buy the most expensive hosting available, but that does not mean you should go for the cheapest one. There are many options in the middle and whether you have just started out or you are a long-term player. And I will try to make my point about why the cheapest […]

The Start Of The Beginning

Some might say the title’s a mere idiom, but I would like to stress it more than it deserves. It’s Hastech, the creator of this website cum Blog, where I am not fully aware of what content I will exactly post or who exactly my audience is. But all I know is I will try […]